Nobody knows what the future holds for the generations we are raising. What we do know: thinking outside of the box is going to be crucial.


Imagine if, the idea of exploring maths concepts, developing creative thinking and boosting problem-solving skills was met by exclaims of excitement by children, teachers and parents alike.

If, classroom silence was broken for an afternoon and only cooperative, engaged, education-enhancing joy ensued! With our imaginative education sessions, this is a reality on school timetables and after school clubs programmes across London.

The Maths Dance concept was born in 2009 when mathematician and contemporary dance enthusiast, Panorea Baka, explored the idea of fusing maths and movement during her Biomedical Engineering studies in Greece. Excited about the possibilities, Panorea then moved to London to study an MA in Maths Education and investigate the concept further.


So often maths is seen as abstract, complicated, unrelatable. Panorea’s vision was to bring in the concrete and reliable nature of body movement to foster creativity and make maths thinking accessible yet inspiring.

“Panorea’s Maths Dance session was fantastic! A really innovative way of making maths fun and accessible to all children at all levels. It was even fun for the adults!”

Learning Support Assistant, Barnes Primary School
Panorea began by testing her ideas teaching maths through movement at Coopers Lane Primary School and was amazed by how quickly children developed confidence in everything from maths concepts to team building – all while experiencing real childhood glee in the classroom! Not only that, teachers were thrilled with the impact it was having on their pupils.
In 2013, the first Maths Dance after school club was launched in Richmond and classes steady multiplied across the city in the years that followed. Soon after, more facilitators were added to the Maths Dance team – each sharing Panorea’s passion for embodied learning and placing a focus on creativity, innovation, imagination and teamwork.

“What began as a creative curiosity has grown into a transformative educational opportunity I’m always proud to share with schools and parents alike. Movement + maths is a magical combination. With the freedom to move comes the freedom for children to explore, to make mistakes, to express themselves. Freedom every child can enjoy. Our sessions are created to celebrate the power, capability and value of every child – whatever their age, background or academic position.”


Panorea Baka, Maths Dance Founder

Today, Maths Dance facilitates maths through movement in after-school clubs and timetabled sessions at both state and independent schools across London. We also host pre-school maths sessions and creative holiday camps to foster creative thinking and imagination outside of the school setting.

“Panorea runs a highly professional and unique business. Maths Dance is a fun and innovative way to learn maths while exercising and having fun! The teachers are wonderful with the children, they understand their needs and inspire them to work hard and learn whilst enjoying the experience. Maths Dance is definitely a way forward, a great way to bring life into a maths lesson.”

Vanessa Bingham, The Lyceum School Head-Teacher


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